Hi everyone, it’s Joe Forish. In 2015, I  set a “bucket list” objective of visiting every Major League baseball stadium. This idea had been taking shape over the prior several years when I — along with my wife, Marie — had visited a number of stadiums, mostly to see our hometown Philadelphia Phillies when on the road in other cities. Most of these earlier excursions were opportunistic – and while I was still working full-time, the pace of the activity was fairly slow.  In 2016, I decided to step it up in a serious way… This website is an account of my road trips – the cities which host the teams and the good, the bad and the ugly about each of the parks and the adventures of getting to them.

In August, 2016, I set the goal to visit 11 stadiums in 11 days. Marie — being much more inclined to enjoy the shore in Sea Isle City chose wisely to forego the grind of this kind of schedule.  But once you have the passion to do something like this, I believe it makes sense to “go big” and do it!!! None of us know how  many good years we have left, and since the time, resources and resolve to do this now is strong — I’m taking the plunge. I hope it stirs ideas or “bucket list” journeys of your own and that you can take these on with equal enthusiasm.

This website will detail each of the stops on this journey and then some… Due to some fortuitous scheduling, the August road trip actually will now encompass 12 stadiums in 12 days with the addition of a Tampa Bay Rays game at the start of the trip during a planned stopover in Clearwater, FL. As time permits, I’ll add recaps of some prior trips to bring the site fully up to date.

I welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. Use the Contact Us page to add any of your experiences which might benefit others.